About Jan Marie Hammond

Jan Marie HammondJan Marie Hammond – Health & Wellness Practitioner
Specialising in Natural Therapies, Massage and Energy Medicine
Qualified as an Infant Massage Instructor 


Jan Marie arrived in Perth, WA nineteen years ago from the UK where she worked in the City of London as a Property Manager. She has been studying Natural Medicine since her arrival in the nineties and has, through her own dedicated journey of self development (and an innate passion for helping people enjoy health and wellness), developed the skills and expertise which enable her to assist her clients on their own personal Transformational Journey of Inner Discovery. She explains that through her own life experiences and challenges she has been very blessed to have had incredible guidance.

“Knowing that I have been fortunate enough to have a devoted family, inspirational mentors, special friendships, daily Mental Retreats and the love and support of those I cherish so dearly has allowed me to follow my dreams.”

It is therefore, with immense appreciation and gratitude that she is able to share this knowledge with like-minded people who wish to gain a greater awareness and knowingness of their own life’s purpose.

Previously located at The Sanctuary on Park at Mount Lawley Nutrition and Family Health and The Life Centre (Mount Lawley) Jan Marie developed her Lifestyle Program to enable her clients to explore their own “Life Story” and to live a life fully empowered.

In 2013 Jan Marie set-up her own Practice at Ellenbrook Natural Therapies in Ellenbrook where she is now promoting opt4energy – raise that vibe. This Holistic Lifestyle Program with the help and support of Metagenics/Health World Programs encourages her clients to take responsibility and be accountable for their own health.

The opt4energy – raise that vibe Lifestyle Program uses the latest technology to allow clients to get in touch with all aspects of their life i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Understanding that our ultimate goal in life is to be happy and experience joy in our lives – Jan Marie can assist her clients to understand their own personal journey so that they are able to enjoy good health and live life to the full at any age. Her clients range from small children to clients in their more mature years.

 Her philosophy is to bring a conscious awareness to the community and to give everyone the opportunity to live life to the full. 

“Dance Thru’ Life – Don’t Sit it Out” – Put your being into your passion and your passion into your being”.