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Opt4Energy  – raise that vibe

A Transformational Jouney of Inner Discovery …….

Rainbow and Woman 

Discover ways that you can increase your energy, vitality and stamina and live life to the full.

Opt4Energy  – raise that vibe  is a Lifestyle Program which is designed to help you, as an individual, to get in touch with all aspects of your life. We assist you to become accountable for your own health and wellness and also to take responsibility for the choices that you make in life. By living your truth and being your authentic self you can be truly empowered and learn to live the life you truly deserve. It’s time to live your dream. You do have a choice!


If the above interests you read on ……

This is a journey of self-actualisation – a metamorphosis of the human spirit. It empowers us to meet the challenges of life with a positive attitude. We become our authentic self – living our own truth. It is believed that we are here to explore our evolutionary journey. We will travel many roads and pathways which will lead us through many challenges (and gifts) to develop ourselves and be truly grateful for all those experiences. When these are viewed from awareness and enlightenment we are able to cherish and see that these life experiences not only build strength of character but give us courage, faith and trust in the face of adversity. This is about developing our own “Story” and living it in every precious moment.

(Sylvia Marina, a Public Speaker and Educator sums it up very well).

“Just as the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world. It turned into a butterfly”

What can it do for me?

It gives an insight into our “humanness” on all levels of consciousness – a total mind, body, spirit experience. It also gives the ability to recognise our negative and positive personality traits which we have developed through a life time of “being”. This enables us to recognise reactionary patterns of behaviour and make the necessary changes. We then start to “respond” to life and find that the moment of “now” is all that there is.

How can I benefit as an individual?

It allows us to examine how we live in multi-dimensional levels of consciousness. It assesses how we perceive ourselves and our relationship with others together with how we relate to our environment. It encourages us to use our innate Divine Intelligence within. It guides us to follow “our gut instincts” and our intuition. It takes us out of “stuckness” and allows us to walk on a path of “knowingness” whereby life flows and there is balance and harmony within. It teaches us to play the game of life and enjoy the ride. No amount of material assets, money or wealth can give us that feeling of “Oneness”. Afterall, what we want most in life is that happiness that comes from within.

How will it change my life?

 By empowering ourselves and becoming accountable and responsible for our own health and wellbeing we are able to make informed choices. By improving and honouring our relationship with ourselves we not only benefit from this awareness but it ultimately impacts on the lives of those around us. We become fully present to each and every moment. By being in the moment of “now” we can get in touch with our sense of DIVINE LOVE, JOY OF SPIRIT, PEACE WITHIN OUR SOUL, FORGIVENESS AND UNDERSTANDING PLUS A WONDERFUL APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE FOR LIFE ITSELF.

We are able to bring focus to what we truly desire and are able to manifest our greatest dreams. We have the energy and motivation to realise those dreams.

How do I get started?

We are able to use various “modalities” (Treatments and Consultations) to access our innate wisdom. Attached is a”Health and Wellness Wheel” whereby we can develop our knowledge and insight into how we are functioning as a human being. How we can realise our full potential and learn to cope with everyday challenges.

Ask yourself the following questions and if your answers are “yes” then our program could assist you on your “Transformational Journey of Inner of Discovery”

  • Do you feel concerned about aspects of your health and wellness?
  • Do you feel tired, exhausted (from lack of sleep), unable to focus and have a lack of mental clarity or feel you are on an emotional roller-coaster?
  • Do you have low self esteem?
  • Do you lack motivation to exercise?
  • Do you find that family relationships are challenging?
  • Do you find that you have difficulty making friendships and enjoying a social life?
  • Do you feel you that you don’t have enough money to meet your needs or are “stuck in a rut” and unable to find fulfilment in your career?
  • Do you feel unsettled and ill at ease in your home environment?
  • Do you feel you don’t have any enjoyment and fun in life?
  • Do you have a problem unwinding and taking time out for relaxation?
  • Do you feel stressed when contemplating life challenges?
  • Do you wonder what life is all about?

With the Lifestyle Program it is possible to opt for any of the individual “segments” because they all stand alone in their own right. However, if you, as a valued client decide that you would like to enjoy each modality progressively then it starts with the following.

Health & Wellness OverviewWellness Wheel

Nutritional and Hydration Assessment

Flower Essences

Massage and Bodywork

Holistic Beauty Naturally ….

Detox Spa & Treatment Plan

Energy Rebalancing


Note: The first two modalities are indicative of energy levels. The five remaining modalities are used to increase the vibrational frequency of the body, mind and spirit and to address negative personality traits which we have developed in order to survive in life.

Dance thru’ Life –  Don’t Sit it Out