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“If you are unhappy, you are too high up in your mind.”

Carl Jung

Stress Less!!! Ask us today how we can help manage your stress naturally.

Learn the 5 Top Stress Busting Tips for better Health & Wellness


Is Stress Deterring you From Health?

Stress is now a common fixture in our hectic, busy lives. Small amounts of stress that are easily resolved can be beneficial in motivating and helping us achieve our goals. Although chronic or long-term stress affects each of us differently, it ultimately affects the whole body in a negative way and may contribute to many health complaints.

Is our health being affected by stress? Do you often feel anxious, worried, depressed, irritable, exhausted, overloaded or forgetful? Do you suffer from stiff or sore muscles or joints, tension headaches, high blood pressure, frequent colds or the flu?  Or do you have irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, an increase or loss of appetite, or worsening of an existing illness or condition? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, your body may be overburdened by stress. 

In today’s busy modern world you may often experience stress. Stress comes in many forms including:

  • Work-related pressures
  • Personal and family issues
  • Financial difficulties
  • Divorce, separation and/or marital issues
  • Personal injury or illness
  • Death of a loved one
  • Any significant changes – e.g. moving house, changing jobs, etc.

When you are able to take positive steps towards managing the stress in your life you will be able to develop strategies to help you feel calmer, more positive and more in control of your situation. Stress affects everyone differently. What might be stressful for one person may not be for another and everybody reacts to stress in different ways. Working with a Health & Wellness Practitioner who understands these differences and can identify and provide treatment for your specific needs, will help you manage your stress better and reduce the impact of stress in your life.

In this Consultation your Health & Wellness Practitioner will cover the following:

  • A Stress Diary
  • The Stress Less Program
  • Understanding What Drives Stress
  • Products to Support Stress
  • Healthy Eating to Support Stress
  • Stress Buster Lifestyle Tips

Though most of us cope with these stressful events, occasionally the pressure and tension can build up to the point where the stress in your life starts to adversely affect your physical and/or emotional health. If left untreated, chronic stress can cause symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances, irritability and even poor memory and reduced concentration. Stress can also be a contributing factor in illnesses such as peptic ulcers, depression, headaches/migraines, dermatitis, asthma and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

Restoring Balance in the Body

Chronic, ongoing stress may adversely affect your nervous system, adrenal glands and your entire body – including your digestive and immune systems. Restoring balance, health and vitality to all your body systems can be achieved through appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes and through the use of specialised natural supplements containing nutrients.

Stress Less for Good Health and Wellness

Although the stress of modern life is inescapable, it is important to remember that we can easily manage or respond to stress with the help of dietary and lifestyle changes and some key natural medicines. Supporting a healthy stress response will allow you to feel more energised, resilient and ready to tackle life, so you can maintain the state of health and wellness that you deserve.

Happiness is a Choice ….

Happiness is a choice. We can CHOOSE to be happy! If we are not choosing happiness, what are we choosing?  Happiness is one of those things that many of us tend to shy away from. Maybe because we are afraid that happiness doesn’t last – that if there is “happy” there is bound to be “unhappy” at some point.  But it only works that way if our happiness is attached to someTHING or someONE. When we understand that our happiness is inside ourselves, and we can tap into it independently of any situation or scenario, then we can allow ourselves to choose happiness anytime!

Lissa Coffey

How Flower Essences Can Enhance Your Way of Being …….

  • Flower Essences – are natural health elixirs derived from flowers. They come from nature and have proven to be health generating in many areas of life including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Flower Essences – are the proverbial healing message in a bottle. Each species of flowering plant has developed unique characteristics to enhance its ability to survive and thrive. The inner wisdom or blueprint for the forming of these characteristics is found in the flower. A flower essence contains these unique life enhancing concepts as messages. These messages have been found to be as beneficial to humans and animals as they are to the parent plant. When a human has a negative or faulty message running through their system, the right flower essence can encourage the healthy message being reinstated and strengthened.
  • Flower Essences – have been used since ancient times in cultures around the world.  In many cultures the subtle use of flowers, the flower essence, has come and gone, and now has come again.

How they work?

  • Flower essences work by unlocking the inner wisdom (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) innate within every human being. Faulty attitudes, with the consequent negative reactions to life situations, can cause physical disease, unpleasant mental states and are obstructive in the fulfilment of our desired goals.
  • Flower Affinity Diagnosis is an excellent tool for assisting and positively dealing with personal dilemmas or character traits we wish to overcome. It will also reveal answers to questions about ourselves and why our experiences in life move in certain directions. It is a tool that can be used for anyone of any age, even young children, to unravel the mysteries of their mind. In making a personality diagnosis using the flower cards it can assist us to start to heal the blocks to fulfilment, joy and inner peace.

They Can Assist Us to Have a More Positive Attitude to Life?

  • Medical Science now recognises that stress and negative mind states can alter body chemistry and create physical disease. For instance, recent medical studies prove that depression is a greater cause of heart disease than smoking. Researchers found that in depressed people the blood platelets became stickier, clogging arteries and veins. Depressed people lose hope, they view life from a negative perspective, lacking optimism and positivity.

How Flower Essences Work On a Physical Level?

  • Flower Essences – are gentle but effective for both physical symptoms and their causes. They will not overpower the will of a person like drugs do, and do no harm, as the body will only take up messages that are appropriate. They will work effectively when used correctly and prescribed correctly, on any person or animal, of any age.

What can I expect in a Consultation?

  • A Consultation consists of identifying the appropriate remedies to address reactionary patterns of behavior and then allow us to respond to life in a more positive way.

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Happiness lies in the joy of achievement,

in the thrill of creative effort.

The human spirit needs to accomplish,

to achieve, to triumph to be happy.

Happiness does not come from doing easy work.

It comes after the achievement of a difficult

task that demands your best.

Your personal growth itself contains the seed of happiness.

You cannot pursue happiness by itself.

There is no happiness except in the realisation

that you have accomplished something.

Happiness thrives in activity.

It’s a running river, not a stagnant pond.


By Dany Martin