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Health and Wellness Overview


‘Come to the edge.

We might fall.

Come to the edge.

It’s too high


And they came,

And he pushed ….

And they flew!’

Christopher Logue  

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What is the Health and Wellness Overview?

The Health and Wellness Overview is the first step to our Health & Wellness Lifestyle Program. It gives the opportunity to explore all aspects of your life and establish which areas need to be addressed to create the reality of your dreams. It gives you, the client the opportunity to take charge of your life and be fully empowered. By focusing on specific areas it is then possible to make the necessary changes. By taking responsibility and becoming fully accountable for the choices that you make in life, it allows you to live the life you truly deserve. A life filled with vitality, stamina and endless energy. You do have a choice!

Now let’s begin…… 

First Consultation

  • You will be asked to complete the Metagenics On-Line Healthy Ageing Questionnaire to ascertain what your priorities are.
  •  During this First Consultation we will also address areas of your life – as detailed below. This first section of the Health & Wellness Overview centres on Healthy Ageing and Disease Prevention.

Metagenics On-Line Healthy Ageing Questionnaire

Keeping the cells of your body as youthful as possible is one of the best gifts you can give yourself…..

Ageing Well (and Living Well) incorporates many factors.



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  • Complete Questionnaire (30 mins) and press submit
  • Advise Jan Marie – Text 0439 721 945 or email info@sanctuaryonpark.com.au to confirm that the Form has been completed

You will then be contacted to book an appointment
 to discuss the results

Jan Marie is located at:
Ellenbrook Natural Therapies, Swanbrook Sanctuary,
and The Sanctuary on Park


First Consultation Outline


Exerciseshouldn’t be a chore. We discuss all the great ways that regular exercise can enhance your energy levels and improve your overall sense of well-being and a healthy body image.

Securitywe need to feel safe and protected in our world to be able to function as human beings and to address the challenges in our life. To come from courage and be able to recognise our fears allows us to develop skills for our very survival. When we also recognise our vulnerability we are able to work at deeper levels of awareness and insight. Our view of the world is ultimately defined in how we relate to Mother Earth, the environment and our relationships with others. By getting back to nature we are able to discover new ways of living our life and supporting our planet and those around us.

Creativity/Nutrition –

Creativity gives us the opportunity of using our imagination and enables us to express ourselves in ways that we didn’t think were possible! It’s great to learn to play and get in touch with our child within!

Nutrition by having a great nutritional program to fuel our body it is able to fire on all cylinders. We can then feel motivated, focused and positive about what life has to offer.  Healthy choices, fresh seasonal foods and pure water all provide opportunities for the body to thrive!

Personal Power/Rest –

Personal Power by being in our own Personal Power with good self-esteem, self confidence and self- worth we are able to create the reality of our dreams. ‘Find the Passion in Your Being and Put Your Being into Your Passion’ allows us to get in touch with what really fires our spirit. For what we focus on….. happens. Everything becomes possible. Creating a healthy balance between our work life and our personal life is vital for peace and harmony within.

Rest taking time out to rest our bodies is crucial to us being fit and healthy. Establishing a good sleep pattern is vital for our energy levels. We need to understand just how much sleep our bodies need to be able to support a healthy lifestyle. When summer rolls around consider spending time outside in the sunshine to absorb Vitamin D the way nature intended.  Fifteen minutes in the sun before 10:00am and after 3:00pm is great for the soul. It helps us to enjoy a radiant complexion and exude good health. Having a relaxing/rejuvenating massage is also beneficial for that extra sense of well-being.

Love/Social Networks –

Loveis the feeling in our hearts and it is an expression of who we are and what we feel for those we care for; our family, friends and those we hold dear. Romantic love is very different but can set our hearts and souls on fire. Unconditional loves allows us to love regardless of the outcome. It gives us an opportunity to express ourselves in so many ways. When we come from our hearts then it is possible to appreciate the natural beauty within others.

Social Networkshaving friends and colleagues who we can relate to is very much part of the community spirit. It is important to touch base with those we care for and whose company we enjoy. We spend much of our time at work so our interaction with our workmates is vital for our mental and emotional state of mind.

Sharing laughter and music is both fun and revitalizing for the soul.

Communication/Detoxification –

Communication it stands to reason that that if we can relate and communicate with ourselves it becomes a lot easier to relate and communicate with others. Communication is an important skill to develop, especially listening, so that we can understand, speak and relate to those around us. It builds happy and peaceful relationships and puts us in touch with love, compassion, empathy and humility. It creates “oneness” instead of separateness and allows us to feel connected to the whole universe. Singing in the shower can be an absolute delight and is a great way to start the day! (plus the rejuvenating Body Polish and stimulating Body Butter!)

Detoxificationreleasing toxins on a physical level is very therapeutic for the body. Releasing negative emotions can raise the spirits and enhance a sense of well being. Allowing mental rest and rejuvenation can lead to enhanced energy levels with a greatly inspired sense of alertness. When we release all negative thoughts and feelings we raise our vibrational frequency to new heights.

Intuition/Mental Function –

Intuition where would we be without it? It allows us to have a ‘knowingness’ or ‘gut instinct’ about a situation. It can protect us from harm’s way. It is this innate wisdom that guides us throughout our lives. Learning to trust and develop the skills to get in touch with this guidance from within allows personal freedom to live life to the full.

Mental Function it stands to reason that we need to keep our minds active. So whatever stimulates our brain we need to do it. Even something as simple as a crossword puzzle, playing scrabble, reading, or doing our monthly accounts will keep us on our toes and mentally alert as we reach our more mature years. 

Personal Mission/Spiritual Connection –

Personal Missionsetting a goal in life and striving for excellence gives a great sense of achievement. It sets the heart on fire and gives the motivation, perseverance and determination to succeed in anything that we set our mind on. The world then has no limitations.

Spiritual Connection comes from knowing that we are not alone on this ‘Transformational Journey of Inner Discovery’. Knowing that we are connected to a Divine Intelligence can assist us to go beyond our logical mind and get in touch with a deeper source within us. It can manifest as ‘intuition’ or a ‘knowingness’ or even that ‘gut feeling’. Whatever it means to us as a individual is what is important. Just knowing that by having Faith, Trust and a Belief, can support us through the most challenging experiences in life

 Second Consultation

The Second Consultation for the Health & Wellness Overview is covered in the Health & Wellness Appraisal Questionnaire which is used for symptomatically analysing all of the body’s systems. This is a valuable screening and assessment tool to provide indications of whole body wellness.


Metagenics On-Line Health Appraisal Questionnaire

Would you like to discover more about your Health and Wellbeing?

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  • Complete Questionnaire (30 mins) and press submit
  • Advise Jan Marie – Text 0439 721 945 or email info@sanctuaryonpark.com.au to confirm that the Form has been completed 

You will then be contacted to book an appointment

 to discuss the results


Jan Marie is located at:

Ellenbrook Natural Therapies

Swanbrook Sanctuary

The Sanctuary on Park 

Mobile No. 0439 721 945/Email: info@sanctuaryonpark.com.au



Conquering a resolution is not a matter of chance.

It’s a matter of your choices.

It’s not something you wait for.

It’s something you must actively pursue.

Sometimes achievements can come disguised

in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

Start this year, right where you are.

Distant fields will always appear greener,

yet golden opportunities are all around you.

You can reach those goals, those resolutions,

if you focus on them, truly put passion

into pursuing them, and don’t quit

until they are conquered!

By Dany Martin